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Bareboat Rentals Florida Keys

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Blue Skies Charter offers great options for bareboat charter Florida Keys. If you have prior sailing experience and a yearning for living on waves then bareboating is ideal for you. Plan your own itinerary, sail at your own pace, and do whatever you want.

Bareboat Sailboat Rental Florida

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Blue Skies Charter offers great options for rental bareboat charter boating adventure in Florida Keys. Where freedom meets wide waters. Our collection of perfectly kept boats awaits, offering the ultimate independent cruising experience. Explore the breathtaking Florida coastline at your speed, discovering secret coves, bright coral reefs, and gorgeous islands. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a novice looking for the excitement of captaining your ship, our Bareboat Charters provide the ideal balance of freedom and elegance. Discover the charm of Florida's aquatic treasures and create your own adventure with the wind in your boat and the sun on your face.

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When you pick our bareboat charter services, you will get the ultimate maritime luxury experience. Step onboard your private, luxuriously decorated boats, complete with all necessary comforts. As the captain, you are in command, or you can hire an experienced skipper if navigating is unfamiliar to you. Assume total management over supply, operations, and safety to provide a tailored experience. With our Florida sailboat charter, you can confidently travel to your ideal places and have amazing nautical activities.

Our Pricing

Pricing does not include Captain

  • Hourly Rate

    4 Hour Min

  • $165

  • Daily Rate

  • $850

  • 5 Days

  • $4,000

  • 7 Days

    inquire for Pricing Over 7 Days

  • $5,500

Please inquire about offshore fishing captain rates

Please feel free to contact us for more detailed quotes based on your plans and needs.

Security Precautions and Facilities
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Swimming joy awaitsSecure Bareboat Charter Adventures in Florida Keys

With our bareboat charter, you may enjoy a carefree marine experience that combines the thrill of swimming and relaxation with the highest level of safety. Our boats are more than simply a method of adventure; they're a private paradise on the sea. Enjoy the freedom to dive into crystal-clear waters and experience the sea's invigorating touch.

We emphasize your safety and take all required steps. Life jackets, safety briefings, and emergency protocols are effortlessly integrated into your charter, giving you peace of mind as you enjoy the beautiful waters. Enjoy in the sun on deck or dive into the water - our bareboat charter offers a perfect balance of aquatic freedom and responsible seafaring, making every moment on board a safe and enjoyable swimming excursion.

Understand the lovely waters of the Florida Keys safely. Wear life jackets, keep an eye on the weather, have first aid supplies on hand, and remain hydrated. Respect the regulations, be aware of potential risks, and keep educated to ensure a safe the ocean adventure.

Bareboat Bliss: Cooking, Drinking and Seafaring Joy

Bareboat charters provide a world of gourmet pleasures, cool beverages, and sheer fun. Imagine yourself at the helm of your private boat, a floating paradise where conventional eating and leisure are redefined. With the ability to cook on board, you can become the chef of your nautical adventure, creating meals that tickle the taste senses against the backdrop of stunning seascapes.

As the sun sets, enjoy enjoying your favorite drinks on the open deck while listening to the peaceful sounds of the ocean. Bareboat charters provide an unrivaled level of leisure and socialization. You can choose between a sunset cocktail party with friends or an intimate meal beneath the sky. Enjoy the freedom to make unforgettable experiences, whether it's bonding with your fellow sailors or enjoying peaceful time alone.

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Oct 2023, Fisherman

Luxurious boat, perfect for power, comfort, and luxury. Immaculate, well-equipped for fishing and snorkeling. Seamless check-in/out, worth every penny. Would rent again!


Oct 2023, Fisherman

Amazing boat trip in the Keys! Rented the nicest, fastest, and most comfortable boat for a memorable fishing trip with friends. Owners were kind and accommodating, even for my 4:00 AM departure. Thanks, Serge Parakhnevich, for the unforgettable experience!


Aug 2023

The crew was fantastic—kind and always ready to assist with anything we needed. The boat was impeccable, and we thoroughly enjoyed lounging on the water with other boats nearby. Without a doubt, I would book with this crew again!


Oct 2023

Our experience on this boat was absolutely fantastic! The crew, comprised of Nicanor and Suset, was incredibly hospitable and played a significant role in making the entire experience amazing. I highly recommend this to anyone!

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