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Whether you are a seasoned angler or one with no fishing experience at all, our captain and expert fishing crew will take you to the hottest fishing spots and help you get bountiful catches in the deep sea water of the Florida Keys. Plan your recreational fishing trip with Blue Skies Charter, we have great fishing boat rental options.

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On our special fishing trip, you may experience the calm of independent fishing. Our boats are designed for single-person outings, providing an intimate and peaceful fishing experience. Enjoy the peacefulness of the wide sea as our professional crew attends to your every need. Whether you're a seasoned angler looking for privacy or a novice seeking an individual experience, blue skies charter fishing charter provides the ideal atmosphere for a calm and satisfying day on the water, ensuring that every throw receives the sea's attention.

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Come on a great fishing trip with your companions onboard the Blue Skies fishing charter. Share the excitement of reeling in the catch of the day, making lasting memories against the backdrop of wide waters. Our fishing charter provides not only a day of angling excitement but also a social event, encouraging camaraderie as you and your friends enjoy the thrill of the sea together. Cast your lines, enjoy fun, and make the most of your time on the lake, surrounded by good companions and the prospect of big catches.

Our Pricing

Pricing does not include Captain

  • Hourly Rate

    4 Hour Min

  • $165

  • Daily Rate

  • $850

  • 5 Days

  • $4,000

  • 7 Days

    inquire for Pricing Over 7 Days

  • $5,500

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Please feel free to contact us for more detailed quotes based on your plans and needs.

Security Precautions and Facilities
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Hook, Line, and SafetyYour Ultimate Fishing Charter Experience

Participate in an amazing fishing adventure with our charter, where the thrill of the catch meets the assurance of safety. Casting your line into the waters, our fishing excursion blends the excitement of fishing with strict safety procedures. From well-equipped vessels to skilled guides, we focus on your safety at every stage. Life jackets, rescue procedures, and experienced crew members all contribute to a safe and enjoyable fishing trip.

Enjoy the pleasure of reeling in your prized fish while we manage the safety aspects. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a newbie, our fishing charter offers the ideal balance of excitement and security, allowing you to make unforgettable memories against the backdrop of the wide sea. A fishing trips is not only exciting but it is also grounded in a dedication to your safety.

Gear Up for AdventureFishing Charter Excitement with Safety gadgets

Join us on an advanced fishing trip with our fishing charter, where the joy of hooking is enhanced with cutting-edge gear and gadgets, all while putting safety first. Our boat fleet is outfitted with cutting-edge fishing technology, assuring a lively and successful experience. From innovative sonar systems to precision gear, we provide fishermen with the tools they need to make a memorable catch. Despite the thrill, safety is paramount. Our experienced staff, extensive safety standards, and cutting-edge equipment offer a safe atmosphere for your fishing adventure. Whether you're an experienced angler or a beginner, our fishing charter enables you to use contemporary gear while enjoying the excitement of the open sea, ensuring an amazing and safe fishing journey. Cast off with confidence, knowing the cutting-edge technology and safety precautions are seamlessly woven into your angling escapade.

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Oct 2023, Fisherman

Luxurious boat, perfect for power, comfort, and luxury. Immaculate, well-equipped for fishing and snorkeling. Seamless check-in/out, worth every penny. Would rent again!


Oct 2023, Fisherman

Amazing boat trip in the Keys! Rented the nicest, fastest, and most comfortable boat for a memorable fishing trip with friends. Owners were kind and accommodating, even for my 4:00 AM departure. Thanks, Serge Parakhnevich, for the unforgettable experience!


Aug 2023

The crew was fantastic—kind and always ready to assist with anything we needed. The boat was impeccable, and we thoroughly enjoyed lounging on the water with other boats nearby. Without a doubt, I would book with this crew again!


Oct 2023

Our experience on this boat was absolutely fantastic! The crew, comprised of Nicanor and Suset, was incredibly hospitable and played a significant role in making the entire experience amazing. I highly recommend this to anyone!

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